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Useful tips for the cleaning and care of jewels Pensieri Felici

Pensieri Felici jewels are made of925/1000 silver,commonly called Sterling silver.

The shine reduction of silver and its turning dark and opaque, scientifically known as “tarnishing” and commonly called oxidation, is widely known in metallurgy. Even quality silver, actually, can oxidize and tarnish.

The more we take care of it “today”, the more we save time “tomorrow”.

However, oxidation is always at surface level, does not affect the quality of the product and can be easily removed.

The magnitude and speed of this phenomenon are not predictable, as they depend on several factors.

To prolong over time the durability and brilliance of your jewel, we recommend you to follow some rules:

  • do not make your silver jewels come into contact with detergents, perfumes, creams, chlorine and sulphurous water, to avoid oxidation. We therefore recommend to apply any perfume, spray or other cosmetic products before wearing the jewel. Even the sweat of the skin, differently depending on your Ph, can help speed up the process;
  • avoid wearing rings and jewels while doing housework or gardening, doing sports or swimming (in sea water or containing chlorine);
  • always remove the Pensieri Felici jewels before going to bed or taking a shower.
Cleaning gold or silver jewelry
We recommendregularly cleaning silverfrom fingerprint, using a microfibre fabric. To remove other dirt, add asmall amount of neutral Ph liquid soap to a glass of warm water,soak the silver jewelry for 2-3 minutes, rinse thoroughly and dry promptly with a soft cloth.

Do not use specific products for silver and gold cleaning.

A jewel in silver, worn even daily with care, rarely requires extraordinary maintenance, especially if it is periodically cleaned gently and stored appropriately.

Normal daily use and external agents such as air humidity, temperature, pollution level, contact with cosmetics and skin transpiration can reduce the brightness of silver surfaces and change the original appearance of surface finishes in some models.

Also, even the leather of your Pensieri Felici bracelets, like all hides, is naturally subject to natural wear, given by chemical agents, water, skin pH, creams, perfumes.

To keep the appearance unaltered as long as possible, avoid exposing this material to aggressive agents, which could alter its characteristics.

The products designed for the care of metals are not suitable for leather cleaning and preservation.

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