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A happy idea

A feeling, an idea, a state of mind, one of the most beautiful things in life, intangible and often difficult to achieve and preserve.

We can not grasp it, but if we have felt it we can not forget it and usually we try to preserve it in every possible way. We do not always succeed, but the memory of Happiness is always wit us and helps us to feel it a little closer every day.

The Pensieri Felici have been created out of this: they are a thought of happiness, they remind happiness, make it real and tangible. They are precious objects and at the same time refined symbols of our feelings, a promise of timeless joy for your loved ones and for you.

We have enclosed our jewels in an elegant packaging, a diary of Happiness combined with a ‘contract’ to be sealed, with ourselves or with the people we love, to remind us every day that Happiness is not far away and that we should never stop looking for it.

Pensieri Felici help us every day, wearing them, they will remind us that in our heart we have everything we need to find and spread that precious thing that we all call Happiness.

With a Pensiero Felice you give

a book with a poem
a contract of happiness
a special jewel

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